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Elaheh Bos works in the field of possibilities and change and believes in helping children and families bloom. She is the founder of plantlovegrow and has been writing, illustrating, and publishing children’s books for the last ten years. Her stories focus on inner growth through practical and sustainable methods and tools. With a background in Applied Human Sciences and Human Relations, and now as a Child Behavior Consultant, she brings creativity, passion, understanding, and a practical perspective as she helps families learn and grow.

Elaheh was born in Zaire, lived in Laos, and comes with a fully stocked and diverse library of life experiences that have always guided her heart when working with others. She believes in the power of stories and knows firsthand of their impact as agents of change in helping children overcome fears and personal challenges. These personal experiences have helped her be more understanding and compassionate in working with families, especially when dealing with anxiety and grief.

Elaheh believes that every child is born to bloom and that we are all trying to reach our potential and share our light. She comes from a long generation of artists and loves exploring and combining new mediums, textures, and techniques. Plantlovegrow was born from a dream to share these books, tools, games, and products that stimulate learning and growth with other parents, teachers and health professional. Through this platform, we collaborate with other like-minded professionals and work to create unique and beautiful products that spark joy, celebrate life, and create spaces for learning and growth. 

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